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Wedding Cinematography

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Wedding Cinematography package

Our wedding cinematography is all about documents  the wedding events into a unforgettable memories for our
client that last for generation.We uses HD DSLR and necessary cinematic aid equipments to produce a beautiful
cinematic wedding film.Though Ronnie Chan's team is based at Penang,we do cover entire Malaysia locally as well as overseas.


Wedding  Cinematography Standard Package

              ·          Cinematography  for 1 ceremony & 1 reception in a 1 days
              ·          10 hours coverage
              ·          Full HD DSLR filming 
              ·          2 Cinematographer
              ·          Cinematic Equipments Applied
              ·          Approx. 4-6 minutes Wedding  Cinematic cut
              ·          Same day edit Cinematic Cut
              ·          Cinematic Equipments Applied
              ·          Color grading post processing
add on product & services:-
              ·         20-30min Documentary cut 

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Wedding Cinematography

Probably you may ask what is the different between the Traditional Wedding film and Cinematic Wedding film

Traditional Wedding Film  is more towards a classic method on filming the wedding film,it's practically record almost everything happen on the wedding day.As a results of 1 or 2 hour long wedding film.Due to the nature of the equipment use and it is only 1 operator,it is limited to deep depth of field ,limited angle and most of the time stays still at one place. 

Cinematic wedding film is a modern approach of wedding video,It bring out the creativity of the Cinematographer and gives cinematic look in wedding video industry.Cinematographer often use large sensor video camera or HDSLR and fast lens to produce a beautiful shallow depth of field(background blur) ,aside that,due to technology advancement,the camera is smaller and more versatile to move around produce beautiful motion picture.The cinematic wedding film only focus on the highlight moments of the day and produce a shot highlight at around 3-6min length.However,we do provide the longer version to cover the entire tea ceremony and speech on stage(if available).Due to the style and the approach to achieve Cinematic look,There shall be at least 2 operator required to have at 2 point of view and the nature of the equipment use,manual focus is required. 

RC Studio team is an international  wedding cinematographer based at Penang , Malaysia. 
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